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Dear Supporters, 

All Things Retro Recreational Complex is a pending 501c3 nonprofit organization that focuses on youth of all walks of life throughout their athletic journey. Our mission is to educate, encourage, and inspire our youth by building their integrity, character and ethics. 

Our organization strives to create an environment for them to truly thrive in society. It is a need of the hour to serve in the community and develop programs that will assist them in becoming productive members of society. We are currently seeking donations for our football and basketball teams comprised of youth ranging from ages 5-13 years. 

Donations will go towards paying for equipment, uniforms, rental facilities for practices, and scholarships for families whom require financial assistance. Thus, we request for you to become a sponsor. Sponsorship is one of the vital necessities for us to complete our mission. We value you as a part of our community and would like you to partner with us on bettering the world around us. 

We will publicly, with your permission, advertise you as an active sponsor of our organization. You will be listed on our social media platforms and website, as well as any publications we publish such as flyers, digital newsletters, or radio mentions. We want you to be fully involved in the community awareness and development of it and we would love your active participation. 


All Things Retro Recreational Complex 

Any monetary donations are greatly appreciated. Remember, every dollar counts. 

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